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MC Davis


As an artist I work to unite lingering memory and preservation of culture, people and places of my home, rural Mississippi. My identity has been shaped by aspects of the culture such as farmland, elaborate storytelling of Pawpaw and tattered family heirlooms. I feel an obligation to hunt and gather understated moments of Southern iconography and culture I experienced growing up, commonly overlooked by longtime residents, and shed new light on them through creating something. Preservation and memory have become my language, and painting is my voice. The dominant memories I cling to continually inform my paintings. As I work and rework the surface of my paintings, the process of building and removing layers of paint and drawing mediums becomes symbolic of the history and imagery I am captivated by. This process allows me to achieve a broader range of atmosphere and greater sense of character within the non-traditional landscapes that recreates almost forgotten moments and family sagas.



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