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Kay Shropshire Heller


Born in 1943, I grew up in the Mississippi Delta in the small town of Rolling Fork.  Art was not taught in our school back in the fifties and early sixties, so my first art courses were taken at Delta State under Maxine Holcomb.  I later transferred to the Memphis College of Art where I studied watercolor and oil painting, life drawing, design, pottery, and sculpture.
Marriage, children, and life in general put art on hold for almost 30 years until 2004. Classes with Bob Tompkins helped get me started back into painting once again. 

Since then I have participated in workshops taught by Joe Anna Arnett, Alan Flattmann, Lucy Mazzerferro,  Pat Walker, William Kalwick, Jr.,  Roger Dale Brown,  Robert Lemler,  Bob Rohm, Timothy Tyler, Robert Johnson, Stapleton Kearns, Ellen Langford, Duff Dorrough, Jeff Legg, Matt Smith, Clayton Beck, Dot Courson, Becky Joy, John Pototschnik, Lorrie Drennan, and Grace Buchanan.

Oils remain my medium of choice, and they are used in painting Delta landscapes en plein aire.  When weather doesn’t permit, there is always a still life to paint in the studio.

I am active in the DAA and the Mississippi Artists Guild, participate in shows, and have paintings in local galleries. A goal is to paint almost every day.  That is a goal not yet achieved but it remains at the top of my bucket list.  


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