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Pat Brown came to Bass and showed us how to make paper!


Our workshop "PAPERMAKING FOR PAINTERS" was well attended, and we enjoyed learning under the tutelage of the fabulously talented Patricia Brown from Cleveland, Mississippi. 


Handmade paper is a limitless medium which can begin with a simple beautiful white sheet as a recipient of painted or printed art or it can go as far as a sculptural form or environment. Artists have been exploring papermaking as a medium since 105 A.D. but a true contemporary revival began about 30 years ago with many artists and sculptors longing for some new 'old school' media and the re-appreciation of traditional processes.


P.F.P. was a 2-day workshop for painters to explore making their own paper to use as an interesting new surface for their painted images. Participants worked with cotton linters, making the sheets, then pressing and drying them. Each artist had have several to take with them for future use in their workspace/studio. We also painted with a palette of colored pulps (made by the participants) so that paper and image were combined in one creative process. 


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